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Signing With Your Baby

Your baby wants to communicate with you! He really does, even if he isn’t always successful. His squeals of glee, screams of joy and tears of sorrow are all ways that he tried to communicate his happiness, sadness and frustration with you. You may be looking for a way to better communicate with your baby. […]

Signing Steps to Success with Baby Sign Language

By Jackie Durnin 1. Stay simple and start slowly. When you introduce signing to your baby, gradually introduce the signs one at a time. It is recommended to begin with approximately five words and once your baby has begun to respond to those words, you can introduce more. Sign language can be a slow process […]

Baby Sign Language – Boost Your Baby’s Future

By Nanette Gomez Teaching sign language to babies has become not just “the thing to do” but rather has come to the forefront of the beginning of us, as parents taking the lead in educating our children from their earliest days. Teaching sign language to your baby is easier than you may think. We teach […]

Baby Sign Language

Communicating with your baby at times may seem to be an impossible feat. Your baby can not speak in words to tell you what he wants, and often ends up frustrated and crying because you do not understand what he is asking for quick enough. A baby’s attention span is so short that an instant […]

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