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The Wonderful World of Food … Cravings That Is

Pregnancy cravings. Everyone has heard of them, many pregnant women have experienced them, and most men just wish that they had a good excuse to go eat whatever they want, and as much as they want, without someone looking at them like they are a pig. Cravings are one of the best perks a woman […]

So Now You Are Going To Be A Grandparent!

by Royce Armstrong “Dad, you’re going to be a grandfather.” My son was calling from his Naval base. He could have told me anything else on earth and I would not have been more surprised. At first I thought he was joking. I waited for the punch line. It was no joke. He had come […]

Is It Okay to Spoil Your Kids?

By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. None of us want “spoiled” kids – kids who are bratty, self-centered, demanding, inconsiderate. So, what spoils children and what doesn’t? When I was raising my children, I was often told that I would spoil them if I didn’t let them cry – if I held them a lot. Fortunately, I […]

Is It Okay to Spoil Your Grandkids?

Are you a new grandparent? If you are, you may be interested in showering your new grandchild with clothes, toys, books, and other gifts. Of course, this is a natural feeling. It is how many grandparents react to news of a new grandchild. However, many grandparents wonder if they are crossing the spoiled line. Are […]

Bringing Home Baby

You waited nine months for this moment. From the time you took that first pregnancy test you looked forward to bringing your baby home from the hospital. While in the hospital you probably thought to yourself that it was going to be a breeze. After all, your baby is sleeping most of the time, only […]

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