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Babies Online has several thousand articles pertaining to twins. While you can find our most recent articles listed below, we can't possibly post them all on one page! Help us give you the information you want by searching our site, blog, and forums below ...

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Probability of Giving Birth to Twins

By Yana Mikheeva Giving birth to twins (and sometimes to triplets) is a dream of many women, regardless of the fact, plural pregnancies are more difficult and requires a special vigilance. But all troubles are overcome due to some certain aureole of heroism and a wish to take all the pain at one go. It’s […]

Is it Possible to Breastfeed Twins?

By: Susan M. Heim In speaking with many moms of multiples over the years, one of the topics brought up most is whether it’s possible to breastfeed twins. Surprisingly, many moms-to-be of multiples are discouraged from breastfeeding by the medical community or members of their family, but they really want to give it a try. […]

Twin and Multiple Births are on the Rise

by: Nancy Wurtzel Did you know that the number of twin births have more than doubled since the early 1970s? Today, about one of every 35 births in the United States are twins. Even more significant is the number of triplet and higher multiple births which have increased 200 percent over the last three decades. […]

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