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Meal Ideas for Toddlers

Once your baby has outgrown the jarred or homemade baby food, it can sometimes become difficult to figure out good balanced meals to feed your baby. Some baby’s may become picky, or sometimes it may be you that is picky, but you still want to feed your baby well.

Toddlers have very small esophagi so it is crucial to remember to give them soft foods that they can easily chew and eat in small bites. You don’t want to give your toddler tough meats or foods that they will have a hard time eating on their own. You also have to remember to always cut your toddlers food into very small pieces so that they do not choke on it.

Many times the food you feed your family you can also feed your toddler. Mashed potatoes, soups, mashed up peas, french fries that even toothless babies can gum, and cooked carrots are good for a toddler to eat. They are soft and can be squished in your toddler’s mouth before they swallow.

Toddlers can also eat small bites of spaghetti that you make for your family, or small bites of burritos or enchiladas. You want to make sure it is all cut up into baby size bites and isn’t too spicy for kids. Grilled cheese sandwiches cut into tiny pieces that your toddler can gum are a great idea for a quick and easy lunch. You will probably want to cut off the crust however.

Once your toddler turns two you can begin introducing peanut butter and hotdogs into his diet. You want to avoid peanut butter before two because it could cause your child to develop allergies to nuts that could be deadly. Always make extra sure that you cut hotdogs into very small pieces.

Breakfast for your toddler can include eggs, small pieces of cut of sausage, cold cereal with or without milk, or oatmeal. Snacks can include soft fruits such as kiwi and melons that your toddler can gum or chew.

Smoothies are always good for toddler. Blend up fruits and veggies and let your toddler drink these as a way to sneak in that extra serving of healthy fruits and vegetables everyday. Here is a recipe for one of our favorites!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie
1 cup of vanilla yogurt
2-4 strawberries
1/2 banana*

Blend all ingredients together, adding water if desired to make thinner. Pour in your toddler’s sippy cup and serve.

*For variety bananas may be substituted for Kiwi’s or you can use all three!

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[…] the record, when I’m whipping up a quick meal I look more frazzled than cute, and if you snapped a picture of a moment when I’m trying to […]

[…] the record, when I’m whipping up a quick meal I look more frazzled than cute, and if you snapped a picture of a moment when I’m trying to […]

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