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Name Gender Origin Meaning
Anthony Male English Highly praiseworthy. Mark Antony: (83-30 BC) Roman triumvir and general who shared a throne and a tempestuous political career with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. See Tony.
Anthany Male Unknown Variant of Anthony. (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Anthonie Female English Variant of Anthony. Highly praised. (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Anthonii Male Latin Alternate spelling of Anthony (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Antoine Male French Highly praiseworthy. See Anthony.
Anton Male German German form of Anthony
Anton Male Spanish Spanish form of Anthony - beyond praise
Antonio Male Spanish Spanish form of Anthony - beyond praise
Antoinette Female French Beyond praise. Feminine of Anthony.
Antonieta Female Unknown Antoinette, Anthony (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
D'anton Male French Variant of Anthony.
Danton Male French Variant of Anthony.
Tonio Male Spanish highly praiseworthy. From Anthony.
Tony Male English highly praiseworthy. Abbreviation of Anthony and its variants used since medieval times as an independent name.
Tonya Male English Feminine form of Anthony (Submitted by Babies Online Member)

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