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Name Gender Origin Meaning
Chase Male English Huntsman.
Chayse Female French Hunter. Variant of Chase. (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Chevy Male French Horseman; knight. An abbreviation of Chevalier. Actor-comedian Chevy Chase.
Cainan Male Unknown Possessor,purchaser (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Chasen Male English Huntsman.
Chaseyn Male Unknown Variant of Chase. (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Chayson Male French Variant of Chayse or Chase. Hunter. (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Nova Female Native American Chases butterfly (Hopi)
Novia Female Native American butterfly chaser/in Spanish means sweet heart(Noviah,Novea,Nova)in astronomy has to do with the stars (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Novalee Female American Chases butterflies. Combination of Nova and Lee. (Submitted by Babies Online Member)

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