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Name Gender Origin Meaning
Maria Female Hebrew Bitter
Maria Female German Bitter
Maria Female Spanish Bitter
Maria Female French Bitter
Azmariah Female Unknown Queen (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Amariah Female Hebrew Given by God
Annamaria Female German Bitter grace
Amariannah Female Unknown Gift of beauty and joy (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Dezmariah Female Unknown Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Kamaria Female Swahli Moonlight (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Kamariah Female Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Mimi Female Spanish Pet name for Mira; Maria and Noemi.
Maleah Female Hawaiian Hawaiian for Mary/Maria; also means "pretty little girl" or "unique young lady" (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Malia Female Spanish Variant of Maria
Malita Female Spanish Variant of Maria.
Mariah Female English Variant of Latin Mary bitter
Mariah Female French Variant of Latin Mary bitter
Mariabella Female Italian My Beautiful Mary (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Mareesa Female English Variant of Maria.
Marisa Female English Variant of Maria.
Marise Female English Variant of Maria.
Marixabel Female Combination of Maria and Isabel (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Mercedez Female Mexico Maria Mother of light (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Mariadok Male Arthurian Legend King Mark's servant
Mariel Female English Diminutive of Maria.
Mariel Male English Diminutive of Maria.
Mariele Female French Diminutive of Maria.
Marielle Female French Diminutive of Maria.
Mariam Female Arabic Arabic form of Mary
Mariama Female African Gift of God (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Mariamne Female Hebrew Rebellious
Marian Female French Bitter
Mariana Female Unknown Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Mariane Female French Variant of Mary bitter.
Marianna Female English A combination of Mary and Anna (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Marianne Female French Bitter
Mariano Male Spanish Masculine form of Marie.
Marineth Female American This is a combination of Maria and Kenneth. (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Narriah Female Unknown From Mariah (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Rosamaria Female Spanish Bitter
Rosemaria Female French Bitter
Samaria Female Hebrew Watch mountain (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Shemariah Female Hebrew Protected by God
Tamaria Female Unknown Flower The great one (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Yanamaria Female Spanish Bitter grace
Zemariam Male Geez In Geez, an old Ethiopian language, the element Ze expresses a genitive case relationship meaning of the. Zemariam is, thus, to mean of /the/ or that of Mariam (Virgin Mary). (Submitted by Babies Online Member)

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