Girl Baby Names Beginning with the letter O

Baby Names Origin Meaning
Obharnait Irish The color of olive
Oceana Greek Goddess of the ocean (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Oceanna Unknown Ocean (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Octavia Unknown Beautiful star. (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
October Unknown Love (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Oda German Elfin spear
Odahingum Native American Rippling water (Chippewa)
Odanda Spanish Famous land
Odeda Hebrew Strong
Odede Hebrew Strong
Odeletta French Little spring
Odelette French Little spring
Odelia Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Odelina Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Odelina German Elfin spear
Odelinda Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Odella Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Odelyn Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Odelyna Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Odessa Greek Long journey (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Odette German Elfin spear
Odette Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Odette French Wealthy.
Odiana German Elfin spear
Odiane German Elfin spear
Odila German Elfin spear
Odila French Wealthy.
Odile German Elfin spear
Odile French Wealthy.
Odilia Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Odreona Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Odyssey English Loving and Protecting (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Ofra Hebrew Fawn
Ogin Native American Wild rose
Ohemaa Africa Queen (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Ohnicio Irish Honor
Oifa Celtic Mythical sister of Ove
Oihane Spanish From the forest
Oilbhe Irish Olive
Oilell Celtic A mythical queen
OKimma African Different/One of a kind (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Oksana Ukrainian/ Russian (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Okuhle Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Olachi Nigeria Gift from GOD (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Olathe Native American Beautiful
Oldwin English Special friend
Oldwina English Special friend
Oldwyn English Special friend
Olearia Unknown Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Oleda English Winged
Oleta English Winged
Oletha English Light; nimble.
Olexa English Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander.
Olga Scandinavian blessed, holy, successful (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Olimpia Greece/Italy/Spain/Romania Who inhabits Mount Olympus (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Olinda German Defender of the land
Olinda Spanish Protector
Olita English Winged
Olive Irish Olive
Olivea Latin Olive (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Oliveria Spanish Affectionate
Olivia Spanish Olive
Olona South Africa GOD is... (love, good) (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Olwen Celtic Mythical daughter of Yspaddaden
Olwyn Arthurian Legend Daughter of a giant
Olwyn Celtic Mythical daughter of Yspaddaden
Olwynn Welsh All white. (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Olya Russian Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Olympe French From Olympus
Olympia French From Olympus
Olyvia Unknown Same as Olivia (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Oma Arabic Commanding
Oma Irish The color of olive
Oma Hebrew Cedar tree
Omah Hebrew Cedar tree
Omat Irish The color of olive
Omayda Italian Beautiful and sweet (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Omette Hebrew Cedar tree
Ominotago Native American Beautiful voice (Chippewa)
Omyrah Unknown Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Ona Hebrew Graceful
Ona Irish One
Onawa Native American Wide awake
Onida Native American The one searched for
Onilee Native Ameracan (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Onit Hebrew Graceful
Onnelea Indian To show your background (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Onora Irish Honor
Oona English One.
Oona Irish One
Oonagh Irish One
Ophel Greek/Sanskrit Greek - Useful & Wise/Sanskrit - Jewel (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Ophelia French Serpentine
Ophelie French Serpentine
Ophra Hebrew Fawn
Ophrah Hebrew Fawn
Oprah Hebrew Fawn
Ora English Beautiful seacoast
Ora Anglo-Saxon Money
Ora Hebrew Light
Ora Spanish Gold
Orabel English Beautiful seacoast
Orabelle English Beautiful seacoast
Orah Hebrew Light
Oralee Hebrew Light
Orali Hebrew Light
Oralie English Golden
Orane French Rising
Ordalf German Elfin spear
Ordella German Elfin spear
Orelia English Golden
Orghlaith Irish Golden
Orguelleuse Arthurian Legend An arrogant lady
Oriana Celtic Blond
Orianna Unknown Sunrise (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Oriel French Bird
Orina Hebrew Joy (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Orissa India (Submitted by Babies Online Member) (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Orjanel Hebrew Gods gift, God has answered, Little girl of God (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Orla Irish Golden
Orlaith Irish Golden
Orlaithe Irish Golden
Orlee Hebrew Light
Orlena French Gold
Orlene French Gold
Orlina French Gold
Ornetta Hebrew Cedar tree
Orquidea Spanish Orchid
Orquidia Spanish Orchid
Orva Anglo-Saxon Brave friend
Orva English Special friend
Orva French Worth gold
Oryelle French Golden, Angel of destiny (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Orylie Irish (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Orzora Hebrew God's strength
Orzsebet Hebrew Devoted to God
Osana Spanish Health
Osane Spanish Health
Osberga Anglo-Saxon Name of a queen
Osburga Anglo-Saxon Name of a queen
Oshire Unknown A falling star from heaven (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Otha Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Othili Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Otilie German Fortunate heroine
Otka German Fortunate heroine
Otoria Italy Strong and courageous (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Otoria Italy Strong and courageous (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Otthild German Fortunate heroine
Otthilda German Fortunate heroine
Otthilde German Fortunate heroine
Ottila German Fortunate heroine
Ottilia German Fortunate heroine
Ottilie Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one
Otylia German Fortunate heroine
Ourania Greek Sky, heavenly (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Ove Celtic Mythical daughter of Dearg
Oviya Indian Artist (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Oyindamola yoruba "honey" signifying sweetness mixed with blessings/wealth (Submitted by Babies Online Member)

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