Girl Baby Names Beginning with the letter U

Baby Names Origin Meaning
Udela Anglo-Saxon Wealthy
Udele Anglo-Saxon Wealthy
Ula Spanish Abbreviation of Eulalie
Ula Celtic Sea jewel
Uldwyna English Special friend
Uli German Mistress of all
Ulicia Irish Feminine form of Ulik
Ulka German Mistress of all
Ulla German Has willpower
Ulrica German Mistress of all
Ulrike German Mistress of all
Umairoh Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Umaymah Arabic Young mother (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Umia African Ladybug (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Una Irish Together
Una Celtic White wave
Una Native American Remember (Hopi)
Una English One.
Unity Irish Together
Unomi Unknown (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Uny Irish Together
Urice Hebrew Light
Urilem Hebrew My light that belongs to God (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Urit Hebrew Light
Ursula German Little Bear (Submitted by Babies Online Member) (Submitted by Babies Online Member)
Ursulina Spanish Little bear
Usoa Spanish Dove
Uzziye Hebrew God's strength

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