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Baby Week 20

Now that your baby is becoming more active, it is important to look at what you have in your house that might harm your baby. Get down to the level of your baby and see what is in his reach, and move it. Check the cupboards for anything dangerous and remove it, or install cabinet locks so your baby cannot get in. Pad your table corners so that your baby doesn't get hurt when pulling himself up. Get socket protectors for all your electrical outlets, so your baby cannot try to stick something in and risk electrocution.

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Week 20 Milestones

Your baby may be able to pass a toy back and forth between his hands. This is a big step in his coordination and should be celebrated when he gets it down. He also may try to push this object out of reach, either to try to get it again, or so he can get you to pick it up for him.

What Might Concern You at 20 Weeks

Baby Week 20

Is your drinking water safe for your 20 week old baby? In most cases, NO. The water in most counties can have high levels of fluoride which can be dangerous for a baby. There are alternatives to tap water such as Pedialyte that can be safely consumed to aid against dehydration. Ask your doctor about this or any product you are considering to see what he or she recommends. As an alternative, you can buy bottled baby water from stores like Wal-Mart. Making sure you have good water is best at this point because of the added juice and water you may be giving to your child.

You also will want to verify that the air in your house is safe for your baby. Often times there are particles and gas floating around you don't even know about and will not affect you in anyway, but can be harmful to your baby. These can be caused by carbon monoxide, mold or even dust floating around. You can now buy carbon monoxide detectors to place in your home, which will alert you if there is a dangerous gas level. To cut down on any chances of floating particles hurting your baby, make sure you keep the house dusted and cleaned often, and open windows to let in fresh air when you can.

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You were 8 weeks pregnant. How did you imagine having a 20 week old baby would be then? Visit our Fun Birthday Facts Calculator for more trivia about your baby's birthday like what happened on that day in history, when your baby will be driving, and more!

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