What Your Baby Should Be Doing at 32 Weeks

Your 32 Week Old Baby

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Finger foods! If you haven't introduced finger foods to your baby yet, this is the perfect time. As your baby starts to demonstrate more independence, feeding himself will be a fantastic experience.

There are lots of finger foods you can give your baby. Cheerios are a big favorite, but make sure you start with just the plain cereal. The flavored and fruit varieties may affect your baby's taste buds and make him crave sweets. Other good finger foods are baby crackers and cookies, rice cakes, and goldfish crackers. You can even give your baby small pieces of banana.

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Week 32 Milestones

Your baby is probably eating everything by now...everything you don't want him to eat. As he is getting more mobile he is probably finding crumbs and pieces of food from the floor and putting them in his mouth. It is best to visually check for big pieces of food left on the ground that your baby could choke on, but generally these crumbs won't hurt your baby, so there is no need to worry.

What Might Concern You at 32 Weeks


As your baby has gotten more active, there are more places you are discovering where he can get hurt. While you have probably made your home as safe as you can, there are some more things to keep in mind when baby proofing the house.

Make sure you have cabinet latches and locks on all of your drawers and cabinets below sink level in the house. You can also buy a latch for the fridge, making it impossible for your baby to open it. There are now stove guards and burner covers which will help your baby not get burned and door knob covers that make it impossible for your baby to open a door.

For your furniture make sure you get corner and edge cushioning so that when you baby falls while cruising and learned to walk, he won't get hurt when he hits his head on the table. And don't forget the outlet plug covers so that your baby can't still a toy in a socket and get electrocuted.

For bath time remember to get some sort of non-skid decorations for the bottom of the tub, or a non-skid matt that suctions to the bottom of it. Put a "kid spout" over the faucet so that your child can not get hurt or burned by the sharp edges of the metal. You can even buy a latch for the toilet so that your baby can not open it.

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