What Your Baby Should Be Doing at 36 Weeks

Your 36 Week Old Baby

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Just when you were getting used to your baby only taking a couple of small naps during the day, he has decided to keep you on your toes by changing his nap time on you. Many babies will cut out their morning nap at this point and just take one in the afternoon. While this may not be enough for YOU, it is probably plenty for your baby.

The good news is that when the naps get cut down to one, the afternoon nap often becomes a bit longer than before. After all, your baby has been awake and playing hard for 5 hours or so. Use the extended nap time to get those little things taken care of around the house that you may not have had time for before.

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Week 36 Milestones


You infant is becoming a big boy now and this can't be any more apparent than the first time he successfully can sip from a real cup on his own. Your baby will still be prone to dropping and spilling, so you never want to leave him alone, but when he can do it on his own, enjoy the accomplishment with him, and let him try as often as is reasonable in your home.

What Might Concern You at 36 Weeks

Does your baby have flat feet? Well he should! While some parents worry about their child's feet and what it will mean for adulthood, they do not realize that all babies are born with flat feet. This is because the muscles are not strong enough to form arches, and as with every other part of your baby's body, there is fat cells filling the area.

As your baby starts to walk and grows, his arches will begin to develop and the flatness will go away. Occasionally a child's foot will remain flat into adulthood, but it isn't really something you need to be worried about at this time of your baby's life.

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