What Your Baby Should Be Doing at 50 Weeks

Your 50 Week Old Baby

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Independence and your baby go hand in hand, but only when your baby wants it. You will never know from one minute to the next if your baby is going to let you pick him up, or run away from you because he wants to do something on his own.

Generally, your baby will become clingy when you are busy taking care of things around the house, and not paying attention to him. However, when you drop everything and want to play, he decides that he doesn't need it and goes the other way. As long as he has your attention he is fine. And Whether he is being clingy because you are busy, or he is the center of attention because you want to play, he has what he wants…your attention.

You can still get stuff done while assuring your baby that you are there for them. Talk to them if you can while you are cleaning. If you are cooking, put them in their highchair and let them help you prepare the vegetables. You can give your baby small chores (like scrubbing a vegetable with a brush) that will make him feel independent, while letting him know he is still a part of what you are doing.

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Week 50 Milestones

While many babies can say approximately 10 words by now, some can't. Some of those who can't will have found other ways to communicate. Some kids will create their own form of sign language to tell you when they want something. For one year olds, moving their hands is often easier than putting two or three syllables together to create a word. This is especially true if you started signing with your baby as a form of communication early on in his infancy.

What to expect at the one year doctor visit

This visit is the biggest visit to the pediatrician yet! A year ago the doctor may have come into your hospital room to check your baby when all your baby did was eat and sleep. This visit your baby probably does not even want to sit still for his check up.

As with the other visits your baby will be weighed and measured and his one year growth chart will be complete. It is exciting for a parent to see how much their baby has grown in the last year and often hard to believe that he was ever that small to begin with.

Your pediatrician will perform a developmental assessment to make sure your baby is on track with where he should be at this stage of the game. Make sure you tell the doctor about any concerns you might have.

Your baby will probably get another round of immunizations this visit as well. For most doctors this is the last visit until your baby is about 15 months old. Then your baby is seen again at 18 months, and then not till two years, unless there is a problem in the meantime.

What Might Concern You at 50 Weeks


Some babies spend their entire first year at the top of their growth chart until they go in for their one year check up and fall sometimes as far as the 50th percentile. For parents who have delighted in the fact that they have a healthy, growing baby, this drop can be troubling.

If your doctor does not seem concerned though, there is no reason that you should be either. By your babies first birthday he has probably started to even out a bit. Your baby's adult height is genetically predetermined so where he is at on the growth charts now doesn't matter a whole lot at this point. If your doctor notices a change that calls for some concern he will let you know. If he doesn't, assume that you still have a perfectly healthy, growing baby.

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