Your September Baby's Birthstone is Agate

Agate is September's Birthstone

Agate is the stone designated for the month of September based on the mystical recommendations. This is also the stone that has been used for the zodiac sign of Gemini. This stone is incredibly unique in that there are no two alike, and unless there are stones cut from the same rough, it is likely that there will never be a duplicate. The flower for Gemini is the rose, a symbol of love and devotion. The September flower is the aster, which much like the rose is strong and resilient. The key connection to all of these elements is that they are all beautiful, individualized, and extremely resilient to change.

The Legend of Agate

As with many stones, the legend of healing is strong. This stone was thought to help with breathing, circulatory issues, insomnia, and nightmares. People would place this stone on a bedpost to ward off malevolent dreams and restlessness. The calming affects allowed for richer sleep, which then in turn created strong breathing and a strong blood flow. However, that is not the most interesting legend behind this diverse stone.

It was common practice for women to use this stone under their beds when their husbands came home. The goal was to relax them into sleep, and then find out their secrets once the husband began to sleep talk. This stone has the reputation of being one that can pry out the truth from anyone, and crafty women would rely on this stone to catch their men in fibs.

Agate Facts

This stone is mined all over the world with major production taking place in Mexico. The stone is actually a member of the chalcedony family, but the formation allows for quartz pockets to filter through, thus giving the unique striations and stippling effects that are so common with this gem. It comes in every color imaginable including neon colors like that of tourmaline. It is commonly used in Southwestern art, and many have recognized it as a common fixture on dream catchers.

Honest Agate

Having agate as the designated stone for your baby is indicative that you will most likely have an honest child. All children tell fibs here and there, but Geminians have horrible guilt afterwards. The best thing for you to begin to do with your little one is to love him or her and give comfort so that he or she never feels the need to fear telling you the truth. This will help you bond with your child, and really express the Geminian characteristic of family loyalty.

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