Your June Baby's Birthstone is Alexandrite

Alexandrite is June's Birthstone

Alexandrite is the official stone for the zodiac sign of Gemini. This sign begins on May 22 and completes on June 21. This stone is also the recommended substitution for the month of June. The stone comes in a variety of colors ranging from pink to bluish lavender to orange. The actual material is relatively new to the market of gemstones, so the history begins only in the mid-1800s. The story is quite romantic, and for your little one, be prepared to have a love bug on your hands. The mystical flower that accommodates this unique gem is the clematis flower that is a vivid purple and blue petalled vine.

History in the Making

The alexandrite is considered brand new amongst other gems since it has only been discovered within the last 200 years. The stone was originally found in Russia and was officially deemed the stone of Russian royalty. The colors of the stone even became mandatory for regional flags because the czarina found that the colors influenced a relaxed and loving mood. The stone was soon discovered to be quite rare, so when a 15-carat pendant was offered as a gift from the czar to his wife, it was considered to be the finest gift of all time.

Later in the 20th century it was noticed that the stone had a very unique appearance in that it would change colors in the light and with different temperatures. This is what began the thought that the stone was enchanted and could actually influence moods for the better. In the early 1900s, children in Russia would pass by the pendant that was made and claim to feel better and they would play better with their friends.

Today, the stone is viewed as a calming and relaxing gem that has a tendency to influence a loving mood. For Geminians that need approval and can struggle with communicating their feelings, this is the perfect gem to help get them comfortable with themselves and their loved ones.

Alexandrite Facts

This stone is extremely rare. In fact most stones on the market today are radiated peridot or topaz. Brazil and Tanzania are the main producers of the stone and are the only countries that mine stones that can be used for jewelry.

Your Little Gem

Your little gem has the privilege of writing history for this stone. While you may find that he or she can help calm your moods, it is still a power to create a fantastic legend. Many of the histories and legends that develop stem from one source of insight, or through a powerful experience. Your little one could help to shape the story of alexandrite for generations to come.

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