Your February Baby's Birthstone is Amethyst

Amethyst is February's Birthstone

Amethyst is the birthstone designated for the month of February. It has a traditional royal purple color, which was believed to be a sign of dignity and wealth for ancient Egyptians and civilizations pre-Renaissance. Babies that are born in the month of February are bestowed the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces depending on the dates of the month. Both of these signs declare that your baby is going to be strong and controlled, while being well-liked at the same time. So how does this mesh with amethyst? Easy; the stone was used to help people maintain control, and was thought to prevent intoxication, and public disorderliness, which really fit these zodiac signs of strength and self-control.

The Protective Stone

Amethyst was first used by the ancient Egyptians as part of their art and jewels used for royalty. At some point, the attention shifted from art to homeopathic medicine, and amethyst was a common element to be seen in public places in order to maintain the peace, as well as prevent drunkenness. During the Renaissance, knights would wear amulets of amethyst that were thought to prevent poisoning by enemy soldiers or spies. This stone was commonly seen in sacred halls, tombs, and even in royal nursery rooms for protection against those that would have malevolent intentions.

In another legend, the Greeks believed that the only way to prevent intoxication was to grind the stone into powder and put it into a beverage. For a time, this method replaced the need for tasters in the royal dining halls. It was also believed that babies born in the month of February were immune to common ailments and corruptive behavior.

Amethyst Today

Amethyst is a stone that is commonly seen in women's jewelry, and a decorative element on ornate vases or chandeliers. The stone has a brilliant purple color that is also easy to treat and combine with other natural quartz stones like citrine, thus creating the two-toned colored stone of ametrine. Amethyst is mined heavily in Brazil, and at one time, the stone was considered just as valuable as the diamond.

Your Baby's Strength

February babies are extremely loving and kind which makes their stone of amethyst ideal as it is also pleasant to look at and comforting to have around. The February flower is the violet which again is that beautiful and peaceful purple color. It also has a strong fragrance that is used to help people relax and sleep, which will be especially true for your bundle of joy.

This beautiful birthstone, coupled with magical zodiac signs and a touch of amazing flora, dictates that your little one is going to be a strength, comfort, and shield for those that he or she loves and is around.

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