Your March Baby's Birthstone is Aquamarine

Aquamarine is March's Birthstone

Aquamarine is the traditional stone for the month of March as designated in 1912, but is also considered the birthstone for Scorpio according to the zodiac calendar. This stone is truly magical and beautiful. Traditionally, it's known as the stone of divine beauty and love; your baby is blessed with being bestowed a birthright of not just beauty, but of happiness, honesty, and of loyalty. This is in the beryl family of minerals, which means that it is incredibly strong and can be cut into larger pieces in order to show off its color without becoming fragile.

The History of Aquamarine

The ancient Egyptians, and later the Greeks, believed that aquamarine could provide visionary revelations of the future. Royalty would couple this stone with amethyst in their meditation rooms. It was thought that the aquamarine would allow the leaders to see the future, so they would know how to plan, and the amethyst would prevent any interference from intoxicating spirits that would distract from the truth of the visions.

The blue color was thought to absorb the nervous energy that many experience and was used as an amulet to trap anxiety so that people could concentrate and maintain positive mental energy. Families searched for the stone to provide to their newborns, so that they could guarantee a happy child. For some, placing this stone in a baby's room was the practice to help eliminate colic and relieve the pain of teething.

Facts About Aquamarine

Today, aquamarine is mined in many places on the globe including South America, the Middle East, and different regions of Africa. Because of the plentiful supply of the stone, it is easy to obtain, and many stones offer a large size, which is then cut into a cabochon which shows off the beautiful color. It is common to see Aquamarine placed on decorative items for babies, as well as jewelry for infants.

Aquamarine and Your Baby

The aquamarine stone epitomizes happiness, and beauty. The month of March covers the zodiac signs of Pisces and Aries depending on the date of birth. These signs are happy and loving. The flora of the recipe is the daffodil. This flower embodies happiness, love, loyalty, and faithfulness. This means that your March baby is destined to be beautiful, loving, and calm.

Having this stone as the birthstone for your child is a gift and a blessing. It is a predictor that your child is going to be regarded as very special among family and friends. For mommy, it means that you will have a calm and loving little one that is going to bring you joy every day.

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