Your March Baby's Birthstone is Bloodstone

Bloodstone is February's Birthstone

The bloodstone is in the quartz family. It is the traditional birthstone for the month of March, the mystical birthstone for February, and the designated stone for the astrological sign of Pisces. The bloodstone has an intriguing history ó one that is truly captivating. It holds both a strongly religious role as well as one of mystical healing and power. The flower for the sign of Pisces is the Lily of the Valley, which also is revered as a calming flower and is reflective of the calming nature of a Piscean. The bloodstone, while not known for its calming affects, has been used to cure and heal. Your child's birthstone is an important part of their sign and who they are as a person.

History of the Bloodstone

The bloodstone received its name because the red markings looked as though they were droplets of blood. This was such an important distinction as many came to believe that the stone could actually heal all ailments that concerned the blood. The belief was that the stone would actually absorb the illness, allowing the person to live a quality life. Some of the ailments that practitioners utilized the stone for included hemorrhages and stomach pain due to ulcers. New parents often rubbed their infantís bellies with the stone to comfort colic or to ensure proper bowel movements.

Religiously, this stone was used for carvings of the crucifixion and of Christ because it was believed that this stone offered a reference to the sacrifice on the cross, and the blood that was shed. Many of the sculptures that were created used this stone and, because of its incredible hardness, the sculptures could be large in size and withstand abuse. The stone has also been named the Martyrs' stone as a result of the blood-like appearance and use with religious work.

The mystical history involving the stone revolves around the use of the stone to induce clarity and an open mind to communicate with. This stone was considered to be highly magical, and one of the most valuable to have in order to induce visions and prophecies.

Bloodstone Facts

The bloodstone's markings are actually that of jasper, and the bloodstone is created when the quartz is super heated; the jasper then bubbles to the surface creating the appearance of blood droplets. The primary mining areas include Brazil, China, and the state of Wyoming in the United States. The stone is not expensive, and it easy to find in shops that offer tumbled and polished stones.

Blessing Your Baby

Blessing your baby with this stone is a fantastic way of bestowing health and longevity. Your little Piscean is already as calm and loving as can be, so adding this element will go a long way to allowing the stone's rich history to contribute to the happiness and health progress.

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