Your November Baby's Birthstone is Citrine

Citrine is November's Birthstone

Citrine is the official birthstone of November, as designated by the National Jewelers Association in 1912. This stone is also significant for the zodiac sign of Gemini. This stone presents a lot of intellectual and health qualities that have been recognized for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The corresponding flower for this month is the chrysanthemum. This flower epitomizes warmth and cheer, and together with the deep thinking citrine, your baby is destined to be a happy thinker that makes a big world impact.

History of the Citrine

The citrine was first recognized for its yellowish color, even though it is found in oranges and reds, that had a knack for energizing. It was soon believed that the stone had a way of creating a bodily response that opened up the mind, while clearing out the body. This meant that while intellectualism was able to occur, the body was rid of impurities. New parents would place these stones as trinkets in their infant's room as way of protecting their little ones with croup, fever, and even the sleeping death, or SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). They also believed that these powerful stones would help create a smarter child as he or she slept, and would therefore be more successful in life.

Citrine Today

Today, citrine is mined primarily out of Brazil along with amethyst. The composition of stone combines easily with amethyst, and it is common to see the two-toned ametrine as a result. Many of the current citrine stones on the market are treated amethyst, since the natural stone of citrine has become increasingly rare to find. Many of the stones produces are tumbled pieces that are not suitable for jewelry settings, and instead of using citrine, yellow topaz is usually the gem of choice. While this is much darker than the actual yellow citrine, it is a substitution.

Citrine Baby

Your baby's birthstone is a blessing of not just beauty, but of warmth, healing, energy, and mental clarity. Some have suggested the stone can even stimulate clairvoyance, and that the mental clarity is a complete opening of the mind. Your baby has been gifted with the designations of a beautiful flower, an intellectual sign on the zodiac calendar of Scorpio or Sagittarius, depending on the dates, and rich history of healing power. Love your little light on earth, and watch him or her make a difference in the world.

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