Your April Baby's Birthstone is Diamond

Diamond is April's Birthstone

Diamond is the official birthstone for those that are born in April. However, on the zodiac calendar it is also the stone for the sign of Cancer which is the end of June and into early July. The diamond has mesmerized people for generations, but it wasn't until it was presented as an engagement ring in the mid-1400's that is became a tradition.

Historical Diamond

There is a rich history with the diamond, and was once thought that only royalty could even touch it for fear of death. In fact, it was a law in England at one time that only kings and queens could handle and own a diamond. For the ancient Greeks, they felt that the stone would make them invisible due to it hardness, and they forbade commoners to own one for fear of a successful revolt. Diamonds were worn by kings in battle to protect them from phantoms, fear, and even death.

The strength of the stone has long been used by lovers to inscribe their messages into windows and metal, and as a way to engrave sentimental symbols. The prismatic effect of the stone was once believed to have caught evil and light, and trapped the two together in order to create the spectrum of light. However, it was once thought that a collection of other gems like amethyst, aquamarine, and opal were more valuable.

The Truth About Diamonds

For hundreds of years the diamond has remained an object of obsession. Those that have one are still looked at with a sense of respect and mystery. Being that it is the hardest material known to man, along with the fact that it is considered somewhat of a rarity, it possesses that magical element of being an elite stone. This stone is mined primarily in North America and Africa, however, the exact locations are kept strictly secret. The stone is traditionally seen in jewelry, and is still commonly included in engagement rings as the main stone.

Bestowing Your Baby

Providing your baby with a diamond is a significant sign of royalty and strength. The April flower of the daisy is a happy and fun flower. The two together equal a strength that is loyal, fun, and loving. Ironically, the daisy is regarded as one of the hardiest flowers in the perennial family. Your baby has a long and royal history that is passed along with this beautiful stone, and lovely month.

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