Your May Baby's Birthstone is Emerald

Emerald is May's Birthstone

Emerald is the traditional stone for those that are born in May. This stone is also assigned for the zodiac signs of Cancer and Taurus. This stone has been historically used to denote those that were intelligent or those that wanted to have increased intelligence. This was made abundantly clear during the times of Da Vinci when awareness and philosophy was at its height. For babies born during the month of May, their signs are Gemini or Taurus depending on the day of the month. For both signs, your baby will be methodical, controlled, and strong mentally and physically.

The Power of Intelligence

The emerald was regarded by the Egyptians as a stone of intellectual power. The engineers of the time would hold a staff during the design process of the pyramids and at the top would be an emerald. The objective was to have the insightful stone keep watch and direct the planning. Cleopatra favored this stone over others, and this was evident with the insertion of this precious gem in carvings that discussed her. The Romans believed that the stone offered powers of clairvoyance and insight.

The Incas believed that the emerald was a sacred stone and kept it hidden from the Spaniards when the conquistadors began to invade. This was the prized gem, along with gold, that was supposed to be part of the treasure in El Dorado. They also developed a theory that jade and shades of sapphire were progressions of the ultimate gem of emerald, and they would even offer these other stones as gifts to be interpreted as ones intellectual progression. For an infant to receive an emerald on their day of birth was a sign of leadership and wisdom.

Emeralds Today

Emeralds today are still considered very rare. They are only mined in two key places on the globe in Columbia and Brazil. They are a very brittle stone so they cannot be used in larger pieces for fear of cracking. Emeralds command a powerful presence, and there are still references to its power in modern day culture with the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz, or with actresses that wear the prized gem on the red carpet.

Emeralds in May

The intense green in a true emerald is what sets this stone apart from the others. It is perfect for a beautiful spring baby, and the history is indicative that those whose birthstone is emerald will be intellectually powerful indeed. The lily of the valley is the official flower of this month, and this particular plant offers massive bluish and white blooms that rest in a thick long leafed bed. The stone and plant represent a strong and beautiful combination. Your baby not only has the history of intelligence to hold on to, but the power of strength and beauty that May offers.

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