Your January Baby's Birthstone is Garnet

Garnet is January's Birthstone

When your baby is born it is time of joy and excitement. New mommies love researching all of the unique elements that come with their new little bundle of joy; this includes a birthstone. The garnet is designated for the month of January, and is considered one of the most richly colored stones on earth. When you take a closer look, it is apparent that there are some special and individualized characteristics that are wonderful to bestow onto your new baby.

Garnet: The Healing Gem

Every parent desires that their new baby will have a long and fulfilling life. For those that have a baby born in the month of January, it could be a telling sign that the birthstone is one that has a history, both legendary and mythological, of being a healing and rejuvenating stone.

The garnet is believed to help with every aspect of the body, from the circulatory system to fertility. The Greeks believed that the garnet was beneficial for the earth to produce crops, have rain, and sustain large groups of people. It was once thought that a garnet could save lives by grinding the stone up into a drink so the body could absorb its red healing powers.

History of the Garnet

The garnet has been a prized stone for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. For new mommies, it is impressive that your little one is granted the privilege of claiming the garnet as his or her own. This stone comes in many colors like orange, pink, or the most rare color, blue.

Each color is the result of a unique chemistry that allows this stone to be one of the hardest ranked on the Moh's hardness scale. The garnet can be found on all continents of the globe, including the Antarctic. The color combination of a garnet is determined by existing elements native to the area it is mined from.

The customary blood red color of the garnet was thought to be a link between mother earth and the life source of our blood. Today, we cherish the garnet's hue because of the depth and vibrance that it possesses.

The Stone of Champions

The cherished garnet was awarded to warriors, champions, and those that exhibited valor, strength, and loyalty. Greeks believed that garnets were a gem appropriate only for royalty or elite members of society. Those that fashioned the brilliant stone were recognized as heroes and superstars.

Importance of January

Along with the special significance of this amazing stone comes other elements that make the month of January so special. The zodiac signs of a January baby includes both Capricorn and Aquarius, depending on the date of birth. These signs are indicative of a strong and intelligent person. Couple that with the lovely Carnation or Snowdrop that are designated as the January birth flowers, and you have a beautifully gifted, strong, and amazing little person that is coddled in your arms.

Your Baby - Your Gem

The garnet is a symbol of strength, wellness and royalty; a privileged element for your little bundle of joy. The facets of this stone are much deeper than a pretty cut or color. The January baby is intricately weaved into a fantastic and amazing web of deep history, rich January meanings, and a stone that is legendary in its own right.

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