Your August Baby's Birthstone is Jade

Jade is August's Birthstone

Jade is the mystical birthstone for the month of March, and for the zodiac sign of Virgo. The sign of Virgo begins on August 24 and completes on September 22. This stone is part of the silicate family and is actually comprised of two different forms in order to create the beautiful traditional milky green color. The coordinating flower for this mystical month is the jade plant. The Chinese designated that these two items go together for good luck. For your March baby, or little Virgoan, these symbols are used for good luck and wisdom.

History of the Mystery

Jade was originally used as a material for weapons and hunting. The material was hard like a stone but could be easily carved. Think of it as the world's first granite. It was quickly discovered that the warriors that had jade on their spears were able to use them more effectively, and that the kill was cleaner than with other materials. This is what began the idea that jade was good luck.

The Chinese began using this material, as they still do today, and began to revere it as something more than just a stone. Because of the easy nature of carving jade, they began to believe that symbols and objects they worshipped would easily appear with little manipulation. This developed into the idea that jade actually holds the power of those symbols and that is why it was so easy to release during carving. This also led to the extended belief that jade could provide healing for issues of the nose, throat, and ears of those that suffered from sinus issues, ear infections, or allergies.

Jade Today

Jade is still mined in areas like Chine and Burma and is held in high regard. The reverence of the materials is much like how Americans view gold or diamonds. It is extremely common to see a Chinese establishment have both jade and the jade plant together as they believe that the jade brings life to the plant, and the plant brings good luck and health.

Your Magical Baby

Your baby has a very unique and magical birthstone. During the development of the belief of the power of jade, it was thought that if an infant reached out and touched the stone, that he or she would be blessed with success and a sound mind. Your baby is unique in that the combination of the Virgo sign and the elements that are linked with the mystical jade creates a wonderful gift for your baby of luck and goodwill.

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