Your October Baby's Birthstone is Jasper

Jasper is October's Birthstone

Jasper is officially part of the March birthstone club, and this stone offers a unique and different type of appeal than most other stones. The history is very unique and the bloodstone family was considered very protective throughout history. The zodiac sign for this stone is Virgo and the assigned flower for this sign and stone is the daisy. Soft colors and sweet appeal of the sign are only the sugar on top of a very deep personality that is fun and loving but extremely calculated.

Jasper's History

Jasper is part of the bloodstone family and is the nearly solid red version of this type of stone. It was thought during the Middle Ages that this stone could possible cure the plague and blood diseases. The reason it received the name bloodstone is because the rich red color that either looks to have been dripped onto the stone. In the case of the jasper stone, the entire stone is a blood red color. For this reason, sculptors would use this material to create religious figures that would stand watch outside of a sanctuary.

In modern history, beginning in the 19th century, it was believed that the color of the stone was a deterrent for spiders and poisonous snakes. Parents would move the stone into their children's rooms in hopes to repel nightmares and restless sleep.

Jasper Facts

Jasper is currently mined heavily in the United States in California, Arizona, and Nevada. The stone is a favorite for those that are in touch with their mystical side, as well as those that are in India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, and is revered as a religious relic. Jasper is not limited to red, but the same chalcedony composition that is jasper comes in many colors like purple, speckled green and yellow, as well as orange, yellow, and blue.

Your Freedom Loving Virgo

Virgos love to be free and to live their life to the fullest. This is the type of person that enjoys experiencing nature, new sights, and thrives in education. Mommies are the best people to show their children love, while guiding them in making good decisions. Your biggest challenge will be that your baby will be impulsive and enjoy testing how far he or she can go before you get upset. But Virgos also have the charm to calm you down, and then do it all over again.

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