Your June Baby's Birthstone is Moonstone

Moonstone is June's Birthstone

The moonstone is a beautiful gem that is designated for the zodiac sign of Gemini. This sign takes place from May 21 and completes on June 21. This stone has a range of colors from a milky white to a milky pink. The color is an iridescent translucence that is reminiscent of the moon. The history and current information on this stone is extremely fascinating. The flower that accompanies this stone is the rose. This flower is very strong, but not indestructible, much like the fragile moonstone.

Moonstones: Yesterday and Today

The moonstone has been valued as a gem for thousands of years. The Romans first found the stone and began to incorporate it in their jewelry, in the gifts offered to warriors, and also as a way of announcing a courtship. It was thought that this stone was one that could align vertebrae, like a mystical chiropractor. This belief stems from the idea that the moonstone was originally from the moon, and that it is always trying to return upwards. Therefore, the wearers of this stone are being aligned while adorning the jewel.

Today, this stone is considered sacred in India, and in fact is not allowed to enter the outdoors unless a designated holy man is caring and holding the gem. The belief with this stone is that it encourages prayer and concentration during meditation. Infants are visited by a holy man that will bless the child by holding the moonstone over the baby's head and then he will say a prayer.

Moonstone Facts

Moonstone is mined in Brazil, the Alps, the United States, and Mexico, just name a few. The stone is a gritty looking material that is sanded off through the use of acids. The stone is highly susceptible to damage from acidic materials, so this can prove to be a tricky process at times. These stones are set into jewelry in a cabochon setting as harsh cuts can cause the stone to break altogether.

Your Geminian

Your little Geminian is a strong person that is highly intellectual but can have a tendency to be shy and have hurt feelings easily. Much like the moonstone, your little one will need specific care and love in order to remain safe and pristine. Mothers are the best at providing the hugs and kisses that little Geminians need in order to grow up to be social and happy.

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