Your December Baby's Birthstone is Onyx

Onyx is December's Birthstone

December babies have many choices for their birthstones including the renowned mystical gem of onyx. Mothers always want their babies to be special, and having the power and charm of an onyx stone certainly provides that stand-out quality. While blue is traditionally the color designated for December, onyx is included because of the cooling magical appeal that it has for the beginning of winter. An interesting fact is that onyx is also considered a July birthstone on the Hebrew calendar, and the stone suited best for Leo and Capricorn. Your baby has quite an eclectic start already!

Taking a Closer Look at Onyx

Onyx is a stone that has been used for thousands of years for items that involved artistic creation. The Egyptians would take advantage of the unique banding and carve beautiful sculptures that would be enhanced by the stone's natural striations. The actual stone is in the quartz family and in most cases has been treated to have the appearance of a glossy mirror. The chemistry of the stone is a combination of elements that weave together in a multitude of color, thus giving the final product a dark charcoal, green, or even an iridescent milky white color.

Because of the diversity in the actual composition, many believed that the onyx stone had the power to cleanse the soul and release negative energy through each layer of color. The negative energy would be trapped on the darker layers, and then as the layers began to lighten, it was thought that the stone was actually cleansing the bad, and creating good. It was also believed that whoever was born into the month that it was designated for, that they in turn would have those same healing powers.

Onyx Today

Today onyx is used for massages as part of the stone therapy, considered vital to have during prayer, and even used in homes as a negative energy trap. Feng shui practioners use this stone to help create a calm and relaxing environment. The natural stone is mined primarily in Brazil but can be found in China and India.

Your baby is a prized gem without the powerful qualities of the onyx stone. With the stone, your baby is simply magical. December is a key time of the year and to have a baby born during this month is a true blessing.

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