Your October Baby's Birthstone is Opal

Opal is October's Birthstone

Opal is the colorful stone that is listed as October's birthstone. This stone has had an interesting history full of admiration and sadness. The zodiac sign that is designated for the opal is Aquarius. This sign is deeply insightful of society, and how one can live within a society, yet not be bound to it. Like the opal, the Aquarius is free and colorful, finding ways to live life to the fullest.

The Hard Truth of Opal

Opal was first recognized by the Romans, and believed to have elements of every precious stone, and then listed as a noble stone. It was thought that the possession of this stone brought about good luck and fortune. Many desired to have this brilliant stone and, because of that, the aristocrats of the medieval period began to lose favor with it, as people of little means were in possession of this gem.

During this same time period the Black Plague began to spread, and it was thought that the opal was able to tell how long it would take for the disease to overtake a person. The brilliant colors would be alight when someone was close to their end, and the color would nearly disappear once death had taken them. However, what was being witnessed was the incredible enhancement of the stone due to fever, and then subsiding once cooled.

It was reinstituted as a jewel of good fortune during the 1920s as those that had seen huge successes in the stock market had a common element they were all owners of fine quality opals.

The Opal Today

Today the opal is no longer seen as just a charm, but rather a natural wonder. With current technology, we are able to see that the water trapped inside opals creates the amazing colorful effects, and with heating, cooling, or cutting, those effects can change and brighten. This stone is very soft and is usually set in yellow gold in order to enhance the prismatic water within. This stone is mined almost entirely in Australia and comes in varieties that range from milky white or pink to almost black with bright prisms of green and purple.

Your Babies Birthstone

While the history of the opal is tragic, there is a main theme to take from the story: resilience. Your baby has been gifted with the ability to navigate society, the strength to withstand change and chaos, and the gift of maintaining beauty and positivity throughout. This stone is one of the loveliest in character, and to be identified as a person of strength and valor. Your baby is a not only a precious gem, but a person that society will rely on for stability.

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