Your June Baby's Birthstone is Pearl

Pearl is June's Birthstone

The pearl is one of the oldest known gems in human history. This particular piece is not a stone but rather a formation of Nacre inside a mollusk or oyster. Because of the organic nature of this unique element, it was thought that only the heavens could produce such a jewel because they were an unexplained organic phenomenon, and extremely rare. The pearl is the official birthstone of June, but is also the zodiac birthstone for Cancer which is from June 22 to July 22.

Pearl's Unique History

Pearl is Latin for the word unique. It had a reputation as being the rarest gem, yet the most magical. It was thought that the moon would place pearls in the sea to be found only by those that were chosen for royalty, great intellectual rankings, or for philosophy. For a child or infant to receive a pearl, or have had a mother that had a pearl, it was thought that the child was pure and innocent. This led to the belief that future decisions would be made with the purist of intentions and would later result in a great leadership.

During the 14th century in England, pearls began to take on another role as the markings of aristocracy and royalty. It gained such popularity that it was made law, along with the diamond, that royalty was the only class that could adorn the jewel. Mary, Queen of Scots, made this evident by having the largest collection of pearls in her crown jewels than any other royal member of England before or since.

Making the Pearl Personal

The pearl today is in plentiful supply; however, to find a naturally-occurring pearl in the ocean is rare. Fresh water pearls are farmed heavily in China, and they include varieties of the traditional white, as well as Tahitian and Keishi. There are baby pearls that are created and then applied to ornate dressings for infants, or used as jewelry such as a bracelet for formal events.

June Wonders

June is the transitional month when spring ends, and summer begins. This is a time for you and your baby to enjoy the outdoors and nature with all of its splendor. The pearl birthstone is truly a fitting stone for this time of year, as it is representative of fresh innocence and magical change. The June flower is the rose and, like the pearl, this flower is used to represent new life, change, and purity. Your baby is given a beautiful and pure birthstone. Nurture your new bundle of joy and protect that magical innocence that is bestowed onto your little one.

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