Your August Baby's Birthstone is Peridot

Peridot is August's Birthstone

Peridot is much like the ruby, in that it is one of the oldest known stones in human history; however, peridot has a much more unique history. This stone is designated for the month of August as the official birthstone, but on the zodiac calendar is considered the official stone for Libra. There are many beautiful qualities that are attributed to this stone, and when it is part of your baby's life, you will discover how truly magical it is.

Peridot's Magical History

Peridot was discovered shortly after the ruby, which is considered the stone of the sun and its powers. The peridot was thought to have different powers, in that it instead of blessing earth with life, it protected from enchantment and allowed clarity in thinking. During the philosophical period, peridot was a stationary stone to have present so that philosophers could have a complete understanding of all of the inner workings of the human mind. Teachers of philosophy would visit children of the local villages and bless them with a peridot so that they could also have clarity in thinking.

Another interesting fact is that it was thought that many of Cleopatra's reputed emeralds were thought to be peridot instead. The unique feature about peridot is that it can be a very dark color that seems to fade at night or in dark rooms. It would have been an easy mistake made by Cleopatra.

Peridot Today

Today the finest quality of peridot is mined in Burma and Pakistan, but the highest volume is mined in the southwest United States. This stone is formed through deep lava bed in the earth, so old volcano sites make perfect mining areas. The stone is easily obtained and is very durable when placed into setting of either gold or silver. Gemologists state that at high quality. peridot crystal will have a rich green color with a slight hue of blue when the light dims. This is not incredibly different from the emerald, except emerald maintains its coloration regardless of the light.

Your August Baby

An August baby has much to be proud of. First, the month was named after one of the prominent and most respected leaders of Rome, Augustus. Second, the designated birthstone suggests a unique and gifted child. Third, the August flower gladiolus is a representation of sincerity and love. Combine those elements with the rich zodiac signs of Leo and Virgo, and you have one very special child.

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