Your July Baby's Birthstone is Ruby

Ruby is July's Birthstone

Ruby is the birthstone for July. For the zodiac calendar, it is the official stone for Cancer which is from June 22 through July 22. This stone has been revered for thousands of years as the elite stone and the most powerful. For many rulers this jewel was also a sign of strength. The ruby is the most rare of all gemstones, and one that has been a mark of absolute wealth and health.

Ruby Power

Some of the interesting facts about the ruby is that ancient cultures believed the stone to be sent from the sun. The power of this stone meant life, longevity, power, strength, and health. For many ancient cultures, the sun was the god of life and prosperity, and that all life stemmed from the sun. To hold a stone that was a "sun stone" would make a man instantly wealthy and wise.

In some cases, ancient Romans would grind up a ruby into powder and drink it for health and strength when going into battle. This led to the next craze of actually placing the stone under warriors' skin so that they would have complete invincibility. Today, the stone is presented to British royalty as a gift of absolute trust. For many, the stone represents faithfulness and devotion. Regardless, the ruby has been viewed as a very powerful stone for thousands of years, and that interest remains strong today. Prince William was adorned a ruby with his formal infant dress as a way of bestowing honesty and loyalty to his role as future king.

Finding Ruby

Ruby is part of the chromium family which include sapphires and diopside. This stone is also considered one of the top four gemstones including diamond, emerald, and sapphire. The main source of mining is completed in Tanzania where another rare gemstone, the tanzanite, is also mined.

Making Ruby Personal

Having the ruby as your new baby's birthstone is an amazing gift. Being that it is one of the oldest stones in human history, it is also one that holds more sentimental value than any other stone on the planet. Larkspur is the flower for July, and with it beautiful lavender color, it also possess an impressive appearance. The flower inspires the belief that having it close will provide levity and comfort. Between the beautiful ruby, history, flower, and the zodiac signs, your child is granted the wealth and wisdom of generations.

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