Your September Baby's Birthstone is Sapphire

Sapphire is September's Birthstone

Sapphire is the official birthstone of September. This stone holds a deep meaning for mankind, as this was one object that was more than a reflection of wealth, or health, but something that kept the world together. The zodiac signs of Virgo and Libra fall into play with the month of September, but the sapphire is actually the birthstone for Sagittarius. The September flower of Aster almost completely matches the same light blue color seen in high grade sapphires. The relaxing blue color is a calming and comforting color and is directly related to those that carry the astrological signs during this month. Babies born into this abundance of love and compassion grow to be very loyal and strong members of their families and community.

Historical Symbolism

The sapphire played a large role in human history as man was first trying to understand the complexities of the universe. The sun was alive and warm and was designated as the life source for all on earth. However, the actual balancing of the earth, the substance of the sky, or the source of water was still a mystery. When the Persians discovered sapphires, they believed that it was a large dark sapphire that held the earth up, and that its reflection was the sky.

Later, the sapphire began to represent an austere level of wealth, in that an exchange of a blue sapphire equated to a contractual agreement and integrity. Romans would oftentimes seal letters using a sapphire blue wax, with a carved sapphire ring or stamp. This was further verification that the missive was not only authentic but true.

The Truth About Sapphires

Sapphires are the same composition as rubies, only they are blue. They are in the corundum mineral family, and come in natural colors ranging from pink to orange. Sapphires have a unique quality that makes them easy to treat, so manipulating their colors is a common practice. They are currently mined in primarily the Asian and African continents, but have also been found in North Carolina and Montana. The stone was made very popular when Princess Diana was presented with a large sapphire for her engagement ring, and that is the same ring the Princess Katherine wears today.

September Love

Your baby has been blessed with a birthstone that denotes integrity, the search for truth, and the need to support and be strong for loved ones. It is important to remember the value of your little one, as though he or she was a rare sapphire stone. Remember, your little sapphire is strong and durable, but shines with love and attention.

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