Your August Baby's Birthstone is Sardonyx

Sardonyx is August's Birthstone

Sardonyx is closely related to the onyx stone and is in the same family of quartz minerals. It is a striated gem that features multiple colors in one section and in another section a completely unique set of markings. This is the magical stone for August, and for the zodiac sign of Leo which begins on July 23, and concludes on August 23. The associated flower for this particular stone is the red poppy. This flower is a wild flower and is regarded as being very strong. Your little one has the fortune of being associated with elements of strength and protection.

Sardonyx 101

The sardonyx stone comes in a variety of colors including green, red, and black. It is often times confused for an onyx or bloodstone. In the 18th century, this stone was regarded as one of the strongest and most durable to use for sculptures. The idea that the sardonyx represented protection began when sculptors began creating religious statues out of the material, and many of the designs were of protective divine beings. The legend grew so quickly that people couldn't find the stone fast enough.

During the plague era parents would place the stone under their children's beds to protect them from the disease. The children that survived, and had this stone, were considered nearly invincible, as they were able to effectively absorb the stone's protective powers. This transformed some of the children into royalty in some towns.

Some families have even been known to use the stone to ward off evil and bad omens by placing the stone in every corner of the house.

Fact for Today

Sardonyx is mined on every continent and is considered to be in plentiful supply. This stone can come in large intact pieces and is usually a better substitute for carving than marble, granite, or alabaster. The unique coloration allows this stone to appear iridescent at times, and it is often seen being used for small trinkets and items that people use to place in their homes for protection.

Sardonyx Baby

Your baby is hugely blessed with this stone. The protection factor that has been bestowed by birthright allows you to take comfort in your little Leonian. Do not forget to teach your little one how to protect and love by showing him or her yourself. Hugs and kisses with proper guidance will show your baby how to fully exhibit that protective nature.

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