Your November Baby's Birthstone is Yellow Topaz

Topaz is November's Birthstone

Topaz is the official birthstone of November and, sometimes, based on the color, it is used for December as well. Yellow topaz is the usual substitution for November, while blue topaz is the traditional stone for the following month. The zodiac calendar states that topaz is the official stone for Scorpio, which is from October 24 to November 22, and also Sagittarius which is from November 23 through December 21. The official flower for November is chrysanthemum, while the flower for December is narcissus. Both flowers possess the amazing gift of freedom and happiness. The stone, flowers, and zodiac signs all point to a very level headed, intelligent, and extroverted young person that is well liked and protective.

History of the Topaz

Topaz's history is one that is fun and intriguing. For instance, the Greeks believed that the stone could make a warrior invisible while on the battle field. They would insert the gem into their armor, under their skin, or even drink it after it had been ground into powder. This was at the same time that the Romans believed it would provide sight to see the unseen. The Romans would do much the same with the stones in order to see the unseen, and many times it would be done when preparing for battle against the Greeks.

During the Middle Ages, some believed that the stone would cure insanity and dispel poltergeists. This was developed after a priest who had a topaz stone placed in his scepter would pray for those begging for sanctuary. They would enter possessed and leave cured after prayer. Many equated the healings to the stone of fire, the topaz.

Topaz had had a few names that have been attributed to it, like fire stone or empire stone. This was associated with the high value placed on it by the Russian czar, and their vast collection of high quality stones. The healing power of the stone was thought to be used to help cure the hemophilia that the young Romanov son, Alexis, suffered from.

Topaz Today

The topaz is mined primarily in Brazil but can be found in the Middle East, as well as Russia. The stone is in plentiful supply, and in many cases is used as a replacement for other stones that are in scarce supply. The stone is very hard but considered brittle and can crack easily.

Baby Topaz

Your baby's birthstone is quite unique in that it comes in so many colors, can be substituted for other stones, and is attributed to a wealth of history and zodiac signs. Your bundle of joy is going to keep you on your toes with wit, charm, and will. Make sure to love your little one even in times of struggle, and you will find that you have developed a most loyal child.

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