Your December Baby's Birthstone is Zircon

Zircon is December's Birthstone

The zircon is the mystical stone for the month of December. It is also the official stone for the zodiac sign of Virgo which begins on August 24 and concludes on September 22. Some have also suggested that this stone is the official stone for Sagittarius since it has the deep blue that is associated with all things December. The coinciding flower for this stone is the daisy. Much like the stone and flower, Virgoans can look beautiful and full of life but deep inside have their feelings hurt quite easily. This stone has a fun history as it is one that has a unique attribute of health and wellness for its owners.

Insight into Zircon

Most stones have a unique healing or health element that sets each apart. Some may help with the circulatory system while others protect from phantoms and omens. Zircon does none of these, yet it serves a big purpose with health: this stone encourages appetite. This was a big issue during the Middle Ages when fever, polio, scurvy, or small pox could prove to be fatal. The phrases "starve a fever" and "feed a cold" came during this time because people lost their appetites while ill. This stone was placed in the ill person's hand and thought to be absorbed into their body and not necessarily heal them, but allow them to begin to eat again so that they could recover.

The other benefit of this stone was the prevention of nightmares. It was believed that while sick, the stone was actually preventing the hallucinations and nightmares that seemed to affect those that were ill. For children, the stone was used to help them adapt to the dark and was a comfort.

Zircon Facts

It looks much like a pristine Tanzanite, and is mined in many of the same places, yet zircon is widely available on the open market. The stone, which is derived from a silicate, refracts light just a brilliantly as a diamond, only the brittleness prevents it from every reaching such honors. Slight heat difference within seconds can cause fractures, and it is easily scratched by common cleaning products.

Your Baby and Zircon

Your baby has the amazing stone of zircon that blesses them to have a strong appetite and calm rest. This means that you have the potential of having a little one that will like veggies and healthy foods. The key thing to remember with your little Virgoan is that they need lots of love and reassurance so that they can build confidence.

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