The Honeysuckle is June's Birth Flower


Everyone knows that they have a specific birthstone that is placed in jewelry and trinkets to signify the month they were born in. However, many people don't know that just like the stones, each month has a flower or two as well, which symbolizes birth. Here is the history and meaning behind your birth flower, the honeysuckle.

June: Honeysuckle
Alternate: Rose

The Honeysuckle has the botanic name of Lonicera and is a shrub or vine that is found in the Northern Hemisphere. There are about 180 species of honeysuckle, most of which can be found in China which boasts to have 100 species alone. Europe and North America only have about 20 species each.

The leaves are oval shaped and range from 1-10cm in length. Many have bell shaped flowers that contain a sweet, edible nectar. They contain a small red, blue or blackberry which is normally mildly poisonous.

Two of the honeysuckle species are used for medicinal purposes. The Fly Honeysuckle is a common homeopathic remedy, used for asthma, breathing difficulties and syphilis. The European honeysuckle is an uncommon homeopathic remedy, used for irritability with violent outbursts.

Fun and interesting fact: The species Lonicera tartarica is native to Eurasia and has wood cuttings that is used in catnip and sold in cat toys. Many cats will react to the wood and paw, lick or rub against it.

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