The Aquarius Baby


January 20 - February 18
Planet - Uranus & Saturn
Element - Air

Aquarius is the sign that begins on January 21 and ends on February 18. This sign is amazingly honest, even with oneself. The zodiac birthstone associated with this sign is the calming amethyst and like the honesty seen in Aquarians, both are completely transparent. Those that are Aquarian have an instinct to be truthful, loyal, and affectionate. They are the type of children that dote on their mothers, while confessing to something that they have done wrong, sometimes without being asked. Their conscience is strong, and they are committed to finding the truth.

Famous Aquarians

Some of history's famous Aquarians include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jennifer Anniston, and Virginia Woolf. These people have made an impact on the different aspect of life as we know it. President Roosevelt helped pull America out of the Great Depression through creativity and realizing the quagmire of the economy. He was honest with the American people, and his truthfulness has placed him in the ranking of one of America's most beloved presidents. Jennifer Anniston is America's favorite friend. She portrays a woman that is realistic and fun, while remaining true to her roots. Finally, Virginia Woolf paved the way for female authors worldwide by becoming one of the 20th century's most innovative and creative minds in writing.

Social, Educational, and Professional Expectations

Aquarians are exceptional in school, widely accepted amongst their peers, and are successful at work. People with this sign are able to navigate complex political environments and remain well liked. The main reason for this is that Aquarians posses the ability to simply select the battles that they want to engage in, and everything else will take a backseat to their ultimate goal at hand. Socially, they are bridge builder types that help create healing with people, and are not divisive. Some of the professions that are fitting for an Aquarian are therapist, teacher, and even a judge.

Your Little Aquarian

You need to be protective and loving with your little Aquarian as Aquarians have a tendency to feel as though they are not appreciated. As a result, they can become introverted and have a hard time expressing how they feel. Your little one is blessed with the capacity to evaluate his or her emotions but can have a hard time recognizing how he or she is viewed by others. Your child will be smart and funny, and honest to a fault.

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