The Cancer Baby


June 22 - July 22
Planet - Moon
Element - Water

Cancer is the one sign that enjoys quiet as much as fun. This sign takes place from June 22 and completes on July 22. This sign can be both introverted and extroverted, so identifying a Cancerian can be tricky at times. The flower that is associated with this sign is the delphinium which is representative of a generous and loving spirit. The mystical birthstone that is designated for Cancer is the ever opulent emerald. This stone is indicative of an unchanging value and love through the years. Your little Cancerian is going to value his or her home, and then raise children in the same manner in which you did.

Common Traits of a Cancerian

Those under this sign are typically homebodies. They love spending time in their familiar place and having family around is extremely important to them. They enjoy a busy household with a large family, yet consider this their time to relax. When it is time to go out and have a good time, they enjoy it to the fullest, but still look forward to getting back to their home. Cancerians are not fond of taking extended trips away from their resting place and are usually quite content with day trips and quick weekends. Some famous Cancerians include Julia Roberts, Stephen King, and Ben Affleck.

Social and Professional

Cancerians tends to prefer being homeschooled, but just as long as there is a lot of activities to participate in. This is the type of child that you will have to motivate to get out and do things, and to you might seem lazy, but your child simply feels safe and loved at home. They are top students and work hard, they are a good friend, and are well known for being good listeners and empathizing with others. Professionally they do well as therapists, lawyers, and doctors.

Raising Your Cancerian

You will need to be creative in finding ways to get your little Cancerian excited about new experiences away from you and the home. While this may be hard, it is important to help Cancerians do this so they can feel safe with doing those things independently when they are older. Great ideas include clubs that have outings or events. Love your baby as much as possible so that they don't feel rejected when you send him or her off to do fun things with friends. This is important as not providing enough affection could make their desire to remain home even stronger.

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