The Capricorn Baby


December 22 - January 19
Planet - Earth
Element - Saturn

Capricorn is the last zodiac sign on the calendar and is reached on December 22 and concludes on January 20. This sign is extremely organized, hard working and loves family. The birthstone for this sign is the ruby, with other mystical gems like black onyx and agate acceptable as well. The African violet is the birth flower for this sign, and like the sign, it is deeply rooted and secure. Your little Capricorn is going to have a serious side, so it is up to you to teach him or her how to laugh and have fun.

Traits of a Capricorn

Capricorns tend to be very serious. As children they are not entertained by television well, but would rather play on a computer or read a comic book. They have deep imaginations, and working is something that helps them thrive. These types need to have a clean and organized environment, so you might notice a little moodiness if there is clutter in the home. The good news is that Capricorns do not shy away from cleaning, so your little will be ready to help. Capricorns enjoy having nice things, and they take care of their things. This might cause an issue when your child begins to learn how to share.

Social and Professional Insights

Capricorns are very hard workers. They like to have nice things, but they are also willing to work for them. As a result of the hard work, and nice possessions, they can get a little conceited. Teaching humility early will go a long way with this aspect of their personality. They are very well liked and are attracted to funny people, yet they tend to be stoic themselves. They are very successful in school, and dominate classes like science, math, and even art.

Professions that are good for Capricorns include lawyer, doctor, or top-level management. These areas allow them to flex their intellectual muscle while they maintain their introverted nature.

Your Little Capricorn

There is no one person more influential on a baby than a mother. You have a huge role and can help your child become an amazing Capricorn. This sign is one of stability, so your job is to teach your little one how to come out of his or her shell and see the world with rose-colored glasses. Find ways to teach expression and communication through humor. This will go a long way to helping your child deal with stress as he or she gets older.

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