The Gemini Baby


May 21 - June 21
Planet - Mercury
Element - Air

Babies born between May 21 and June 20 fall within the zodiac sign of Gemini. This sign is very intelligent, enjoys change, and is capable of strategizing complicated projects. Your baby's sign implies that he or she will be very successful, not only financially but socially as well. This sign can stand up to the challenges of a complicated world and master the art of quick thinking.

Historical Geminis

The Gemini mind has long since been associated with great minds and innovative progression throughout time. Some of today's brightest Geminis include Donald Trump, Heidi Klum, and Paula Abdul. These people, while famous, have been able to navigate the inner workings of fame and become extremely successful. John F. Kennedy was also a Gemini, and is revered as one of our nation's brightest and most engaging presidents of American history. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a brilliant author of the Sherlock Holmes series, and continues to gain popularity for his work even though his works are approaching nearly 100 years old.

Social and Professional Niches

Geminis are extremely savvy in nature in that they are able to creatively devise plans for success, even when the odds are against them. Socially, they carve out friendship among every group and demographic, and are very well liked. They have a tendency to steal the show and enjoy being in the spotlight. However, for the savvy Gemini, this is merely a means to an end, as the ultimate goal is to be popular for the sake of making connections.

Professionally, Geminis are extremely smart and crafty. They enjoy building and creating things, so professions like engineering, acting, art, and design are among the top professional trades. Schooling is also a key factor for Geminis as they strive to be the best, and are not satisfied with mediocrity. While they are not perfectionists, they do have a tendency to invest as much time as possible to get things as close to perfect as possible.

What to Expect

You are so excited about your new little one, and like every other mother, you want your child to be the brightest and the best. Take care in knowing that your child isn't going to let you down because his or her personality won't allow for it. Gemini children are extremely affectionate, and they are creative about expressing it. Make sure you don't discount a gift or a picture that is created as this may be a deeply emotional expression of love.

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