The Leo Baby


July 23 - August 22
Planet - Sun
Element - Fire

Leonians are the sign that you want on your side. This sign begins on July 23 and commences on August 23. This sign is loyal and loving, but if you cross a Leonian you are bound to pay a price. The flower that coincides with this sign is the sunflower. Reminiscent of a mane of fur, this flower shows how lovely and kind this sign can be, but it can also block the sun so other plants do not grow. Your baby is blessed to have the sign of strength and enduring love, and the best part is that friends and family reap the benefits of that loving nature.

Leo: Day in and Day Out

A Leonian tends to follow the same pattern day in and day out but is the type of person that likes thinking up a creative new way to do a task or complete a project. They are the type that is always on time and prepared. They are quickly aggravated by people that are late or lackadaisical at work. While they like organization, they are usually unorganized at least it appears that way on the outside. This type of person can have a messy desk but know exactly what is on it and where everything is.

Social and Professional

Leonians are very well liked. They are the type that is the captain of the team or the spokesman for a group project. They don't necessarily crave the spotlight, but they don't mind it either. When given a leadership role, they can become bossy, so some people do not enjoy working with them at times. Leonians are hugely successful in leadership roles, however, because they understand complex tasks, and they know how to delegate so that they work smarter.

Your Leonian

Your Leonian is going to need some guidance and correction, or you may find that he or she wants to boss you around too. This is the type of child that learns the word "no" very quickly, and before you know it, you will hear that word coming from your little one. Those from this sign need love and nurturing so that they can develop into that loyal little lover as opposed to a hard intense lion. Some of the hardest challenges for your child will be sharing and submitting to your rules. Sports are great for this these children because they can individually succeed while having to comply with a team.

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