The Libra Baby


September 23 - October 22
Planet - Venus
Element - Air

Librans are very calm and collected. The dates for this sign begin on September 23, and run through October 23. Your little Libran is going to be a pleaser and want your attention and approval. The zodiac stone for this sign is the beautiful peridot, while the flora portion of this sign is the lovely hydrangea. The flower and stone accentuate the Libra sign as Librans are physically attractive and are appreciators of beauty. Your bundle of joy is going to be just and concerned with others while maintaining strong personal relationships.

Libra Highlights

Some famous Librans include Mickey Mantle, Groucho Marx, and Chuck Berry. These particular characters are perfect examples of the stamina that a Libran can have in succeeding in something that they enjoy. Librans are very picky about their line of work, and they often excel at things they find interesting or entertaining. They lean more toward the creative arts and sports, and many of them have a reputation of being poor handlers of money and finance.

The number one attribute that Librans have is that they are considered extremely gentle. They love to socialize and have a good time, but they are not ones to engage in conflict. Their pickiness makes them stay away from certain aspects of communication, work, or activities if there is a potential for stress involved. An interesting fact is that Librans are slow to anger, but once they are upset they can be in a full fledged rage. Most people are caught off guard with this blast of anger because oftentimes it has built up over a significant amount of time, leaving others to think that the Libran was never bothered in the first place.

Educational and Professional Goals

Librans enjoy excelling in school, and many find that they are a perfect fit for sports or music. Some of the careers that Librans find themselves in include art curators, antique dealers, or administrators. Librans tend to be well liked, but because there is a hint of reclusiveness, they are shy and can be hard to approach. When in school, Librans are the types that do not like to work in groups, and succeed very well in independent work, just as long as it is a subject they enjoy.

Your Little Libran

Your little Libran is going to be a love bug. However, it is important that you love and nurture your little one because Librans tend to develop insecurities at a young age, and they never stop craving approval. Cuddle your baby often, sing to him or her, and praise his or her efforts as much as possible. By doing these things, you are helping to strengthen your Libran for later in life.

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