The Pisces Baby


February 19 - March 20
Planet - Jupiter & Neptune
Element - Water

Pisces is the zodiac sign that takes place from February 20 to March 20. This sign is a fun-loving sign that is joined with amethyst and aquamarine for birthstones, and the lovely alstroemeria flower. These elements contribute to the loving and free spirit that Pisceans possess, and shows that your baby is going to be the light in any room he or she enters.

Piscean Traits

Pisceans are revered as being innovators and are willing to take risks. Famous people like George Washington, Sir Elton John, and Michelangelo are all Pisceans. While they are innovators in their own way, they found a way to master the object of their obsession. Pisceans tend to be very impulsive and emotional. While they are well liked and others love to be near them for the positive energy, they are terribly worried about their own futures and place in life. Alan Greenspan, a prominent economist, is able to handle money advice for a country, and this is a common feature of the Pisces sign. They are great with other people's money but have a hard time with their own.

Pisceans have been known to be the sign that loves to fall in love, and oftentimes they have many soul mates in their lifetimes. They are extremely devout to their family, especially their mother, and will do whatever is necessary to please her. They have a strong work ethic but love to be adventurous and think outside of the box. This gets them in trouble at times because they feel the need to break rules in order to achieve their goals.

Social Education

Pisceans are usually the students that are caught talking in class. They love to socialize and have fun. Holidays are significant to them because they enjoy the decorations, music, and friends. There are often times that members of this sign will put together a holiday bash for a completely invented holiday. Simply put, they love being with other people. In school, this type of student excels in their work and is usually a member of the Associated Student Body, or leader of a club. They are amazing judges of character and can read emotions quite well, yet struggle with their own.

Your Little Piscean

Your little Piscean will need you to help discover who he or she is, and what he or she is capable of doing. This will prevent your child from making mistakes that can prove to be painful. Critical thinking skills are vital for this sign, as Pisceans tend to forgo logic for the sake of fun. Your bundle of joy is going to make you smile every day, and you have comfort in knowing that your Piscean is going to strongly bonded to you for life.

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