The Sagittarius Baby


November 22 - December 21
Planet - Jupiter
Element - Fire

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is extremely energetic, fun loving and caring. This sign takes place from November 23 and completes on December 21. This sign backs up to the last sign of the zodiac calendar of Capricorn, which is the most serious in nature of all the signs. This means that there may be times that your little Sagittarian is moody if his or her birthday runs close to the completion date. The flower that accompanies this fun sign is the fluffy carnation. This flower is truly indicative of this zodiac sign, as it is fun, free, and light. The birthstone is equally light with the topaz.

Sagittarian Traits

This sign tends to be very good natured, well liked, and funny. The sense of humor from these types of people tends to appeal to all of the other signs, and it seems as though a Sagittarian never runs out of energy. They tend to enjoy athletics, working out, and eating right. There are some things about Sagittarians that you have to watch out for. Their sense of humor can take on an ugly approach and become sarcastic. This is especially true of those that run closer to the Scorpio dates in November.

Sagittarians tend to be extremely confident, which means that becoming superficial is not out of their scope. Some of the famous Sagittarians include John F. Kennedy, Jr., Charles Schulz, and Dick Clark. These are all people that have had the reputation of being likeable and fun.

Social and Professional Insight

When your little Sagittarian is attending school, you will quickly realize that he or she wants to be involved in everything. This is quite normal as this sign tends to be highly goal driven and, coupled with the energy, they can't get enough. Professionally, these types are great at jobs that require a lot of mental concentration, good decision-making skills, and a light outlook. These professions include surgeons, judges, and politicians.

Your Little Sagittarian

You have the task of shaping your baby into a well adjusted and stable person. Sagittarians are free spirits in that they believe they can literally do anything, and no hindrance is too much. You will need to guide your baby by teaching him or her to realize his or her limitations and capabilities. You will also have to teach him or her about laughing for the right reasons, and not at someone else's expense.

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