The Scorpio Baby


October 23 - November 21
Planet - Mars & Pluto
Element - Water

Scorpios are probably the most reputable sign out of all on the zodiac calendar. This sign is reputed to be sarcastic, smart, attractive, and unrelenting. This is the one sign that also has the most conflict with other signs, and there are specific signs that Scorpio should never be involved with, as they may sting. Scorpio's flower is the peony, which has a vibrant and intense sweet smell. The mystical stone associated with this sign is the beryl, and that list can include topaz and aquamarine. One thing to remember with your little Scorpio is that he or she will be very intense, either passionately loving or resentful.

Scorpio Traits

A Scorpio tends to be attractive and people around are attracted to the energy that Scorpio has. When a goal has been put into place, the sign will see it through. This sign is hard working, loving, loyal, and honest. One of the strongest traits of Scorpios is their tendency to defend loved ones and friends, as they are not shy when conflict arises. They can enjoy a good argument but beware; oftentimes Scorpios are as right as they are very smart.

Some famous Scorpios include Johnny Carson, Bill Gates, and Marie Antoinette. This sign suggests that a well adjusted Scorpio can be confident and fun loving, while a jaded Scorpio can be horribly jealous and mean. Your little one is going to be passionate and driven to please you at all costs. This could even mean a sibling rivalry is in the mix, but then later in life the siblings are forever bound together with the Scorpio acting as protector.

Interactions Through Life

A Scorpio is usually very well liked and admired. Because of the outspoken nature, many people look at this sign as a symbol of leadership and command. Once they make a friend, they are a friend for life, and once there is an enemy, the Scorpio will be slow to forgive. Professions that are good for this sign are teachers, actors, and designers.

Your Little Scorpio

The first thing that you will notice with your baby is that he or she is going to demand your attention all the time. This is because there is a loyalty bond and your little Scorpio is wired to honor that link. You will have the task of teaching your child how to forgive, be humble, and to be calm. Lots of hugs and kisses, and giving your baby all the love they desire will go a long way to helping accomplish those goals.

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