The Taurus Baby


April 20 - May 20
Planet - Venus
Element - Earth

The zodiac sign of the Taurus is one of strength, nobility, and of course, endurance (both physical and emotional). Taurus is also renowned for wisdom and good decision making. This sign falls within a 31 day window, beginning on April 21st, and completing on May 21st. Taurus has strength days, meaning a true Taurus has his or her full characteristic from April 28th until May 14th. For the seven days before and after the strength days, this signs takes on a combination of characteristics from the signs that are before and after the Taurus: the Aries and Gemini. Pope John Paul, II, Harry S. Truman, Charlotte Bronte, and Shakespeare were all Taurus.

Making a Mother Proud

People that have this sign are incredibly loyal, loving, and disciplined. What more could a mother want? Babies that are born with this sign are pleasant and calm. They crave physical affection, and bond to their mothers very quickly. They carry that bond with them throughout all stages of life. You'll also see this need to have strong bonds continues over into future relationships, making a Taurus faithful with a strong sense of family and committment.

A child under the sign of Taurus is a very strong and intelligent person, working hard and methodically planning each step. Couple this attribute with the strong desire for a family bond, and you will have a child that strives to please.

Educational and Professional Success

The dedication and endurance allow a Taurus to have strong follow-through and committment. These individuals are leaders that are compassionate and reasonable. They tend to be very strong students, excelling in all subjects while maintaining friendships and extracurricular activities. A Taurus loves to plan, so this is the type of student that will not be late with homework!

The methodical nature of the Taurus makes this sign one that is very successful in careers of finance, engineering, and organizational development. Tauri are usually very confident, and people rely upon them for their public speaking and planning skills. Industries that involve public relations, education, or research are good choices for a Taurus.

Loving Your Little Taurus

As a new mother, the affection that you provide will shape the way that your little Taurus returns love to you and his or her future family. Hugs and kisses are never over used with a Taurus, and mothers are the best at giving that to their babies.

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