The Virgo Baby


August 23 - September 22
Planet - Mercury
Element - Earth

Virgoans are deep people. This sign begins on August 22 and completes on September 22. They are free spirited, loving, and love to socialize but more often than not, they are standing in the corner and waiting to be approached. This sign is extremely intuitive, which makes them more aware of their surroundings, and shy and insecure as a result. The flower that accompanies this sign is the gentle daisy. This flower is also free and light but is usually mixed into a bundle of other flowers, often hiding its unique beauty. The mystical birthstone for this sign is jade. This stone is unique in that it has a deeply passionate history, that now your little Virgoan can possess.

Virgo and the World

Virgoans are all around, yet many hide their talents for fear of being placed in the spotlight. This sign is extremely humble and kind but can exhibit a flare up in temper if pushed too hard. They are a good sign with every other sign, as they present a submissive personality, but in reality, they are merely behaving for other people's comfort. Some of the famous Virgoans include Agatha Christie, Yao Ming, and Warren Buffett. All are highly successful, but they rarely feel the need to boast or brag about their accomplishments.

School and Career

School days are great for little Virgoans. They enjoy the order and structure of a class, as well as the order that the rest of the room has to abide by. While they love to be free spirits, they do enjoy clear objectives in times of learning and work. Virgoans are the type that can work hard all day, then go out with friends every night and never seem to get tired. They are very social but tend to stick with their very close group of friends. They tend to trust very few people in their lives, but those that they do, they would protect at all costs.

Baby Virgo

Your baby is going to be very mild. Virgoans love to be held and talked to, and they enjoy listening to conversation and people watching. Introducing your baby to as many new and exciting things as possible is a great way to help your little Virgoan come out of his or her shell. Let your baby see you socialize and interact, and place your child in situations where he or she is forced to meet and talk to new people.

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